Pricing Levels

Pricing Levels
by ttoth

Our goal is to make our working relationship fun and engaging. We use a “per minute” billing price point – “per minute” is based on learner time in the project.

How can you determine learner time? Aren’t all users different?

Yes, all learners are different, but we rely on the storyboard to determine pricing. We use the two screens per minute industry average – every two screens of a storyboard represents a minute of content. Therefore, a ten minute eLearning project will have roughly 20 screens of content in the storyboard.

While every project is different and this method is not an exact science, we use +/- 10% as a guiding rule.

We also offer our clients a detailed Statement of Work (SOW) at the start of each engagement. This SOW ensures that all project details are covered, including content descriptions, timelines and pricing. Our pricing includes a “do not exceed” number, guaranteeing that we will not exceed the named price.

Do things happen and project timelines, deliverables and details change? Of course, but we mitigate this with detailed change orders and updates to keep our client abreast of the situation. Also, we do not move forward until we have approvals from the client.

Pricing FAQ

Can I add custom content to a level?

Yes, we can adjust pricing to add custom content to any level. For example, if you wanted some PowerPoint, level 1, courses, but you wanted custom photography of your team to appear in the program. We would come to an agreement about price and then add that as a separate line item to your project statement of work.

What about games and simulations?

Games and simulations tend to fall into Level 3 work, but we can add these elements to Level 1 and 2 projects for a separate fee, usually $125 per development hour.

Do you require a deposit?

For each engagement, we create a Statement of Work (SOW) detailing the deliverables, timelines and due dates for the project(s). We require a 50% deposit at the start of any engagement, and then a 25%/25% pay structure as determined by the SOW.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes. We offer multiple program discounts based on the complexity of programs, the quantity of the programs and the deliverable due dates. Contact us and let us know what you have in mind and we can give you “not to exceed” pricing in the Statement of Work (SOW).

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